Small animal (canine & feline) services

Vaccinations, Canine: Distemper/parvo (DA2P/CPV, also known as DHPP), leptospirosis, bordetella ("kennel cough"), canine influenze (H3N8/H3N2), rabies, rattlesnake vaccine (crotalus atrox toxoid), lyme.
Vaccinations, Feline: FeLV (feline leukemia), FVRCP-C (rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, feline distemper, feline chlamydia), rabies.
Spay & Neuter: One-day procedures intended to render a pet infertile. Related surgeries, such as vasectomy and cryptorchidectomy are also offered. Our doctors recommend waiting until your cat or dog is at least 6 months old prior to spay or neuter.
Microchip Implantation: A quick procedure to make your pet permanently identifiable. Pets must be at least 5 lbs. in weight or at least 6 months old for this procedure.
General Examination: Our doctors perform wellness exams as well as exams to investigate specific health complaints. Animal Hospital of Pasco honors valid complimentary exam coupons from the Benton-Franklin Humane Society, the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, and the American Kennel Club.
Dental Cleanings & Extractions: Periodic dental cleanings are recommended for all pets but are especially important for small-breed dogs. Our cleanings are performed under full inhalation anesthesia and include ultrasonic and hand scaling, polishing, and fluoride treatment. Digital dental radiography and dental surgery are available as needed.
Boarding: Most cats and dogs over 4 months of age can be boarded at the hospital as long as they are current on standard vaccinations. Cats and dogs are fed twice daily and always have access to fresh water. Dogs are walked twice daily. All boarding facilities are climate-controlled. Science Diet adult maintenance kibble is fed by default but owners are welcome to provide their own food as well. The hospital can accommodate pets with special medication requirements (e.g., insulin injections).
Basic Hygiene Procedures: The hospital can perform procedures such as nail trims, anal gland expression, ear plucks, cheat removal, mat removal, full body shaves, and flea dips. Please keep in mind that our "grooming" services are hygiene-focused; if aesthetics are a priority we recommend using a professional groomer instead.
Reproductive Services: We offer on-site progesterone testing, semen collection and evaluation, artificial insemination, C-sections, and pregnancy checks (by palpation, ultrasound, and/or radiography). Please schedule as far in advance as possible.
Ear Crops: A specialty procedure to remove a portion of a dog's pinnae.
Dewclaw Removal: Removal of canine dewclaws, front and hind, attached and unattached.
Laser Surgery: Surgical laser, as an alternative to traditional scalpel, is available for most surgeries. Laser surgery takes longer but tends to result in less bleeding, less pain and inflammation, and greater post-operative mobility.
Digital Radiography & Ultrasound: Radiographs can be sent as DICOM studies for consultation/referral or exported as JPEGs and emailed to clients. Ultrasound studies can be sent to specialists by DICOM or as a series of AVI files and still images. The hospital has stationary and mobile units.
Orthopedic Surgery: Common orthopedic procedures such as femoral head ostectomies (FHOs) and fracture repair are available.
OFA Certification: Our doctors can facilitate Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) database applications. Certification for hip and elbow dysplasia is the most common, but others are available. Our entire process of imaging, submission, and application is handled digitally resulting in shorter turnaround times.
K-Laser Therapy: Technicians are certified to administer "cold laser therapy" using a specially-modulated Class IV laser. This relieves pain, speeds healing, and reduces inflammation for many injuries and conditions. This non-invasive therapy is especially useful for osteoarthritis, edema, burns, and muscle strain.
Health Certificates: Our doctors are authorized to issue health certificates for domestic and international travel. Our staff are familiar with international import regulations for a number of countries.

Large animal (equine) services

Farm Calls: Mobile services are available for many types of examination, diagnostics, and treatments. Some simple surgeries such as castration can be performed away from the hospital. Mobile radiography (X-ray) is available.
Equine Vaccinations: Tetanus, eastern and western encephalomyelitis, West Nile Virus, rhinopneumonitis, influenza, strangles.
General Examination, Lameness Exams: Best performed at the hospital, but these can sometimes be done in the field as well.
Reproductive Services: Semen collection and evaluation, insemination, pregnancy checks (ultrasound, palpation).
Health Certificates, Inscriptions: Our doctors can issue health certificates for domestic and international travel. Required testing such as Coggins/EIA can be performed.
Large Animal Endoscopy: The hospital is equipped to perform various endoscopies including examination of upper airways, guttural pouches, trachea, larynx.
Equine Dentistry: Teeth floats, periodontal procedures, extractions, wave reduction, step reduction, ramps and hooks, incisor realignment and reduction.

If you have questions about specific services please contact us